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History of the Vozandes Medical Journal

Medical journals play an important part in health care. They strongly contribute to medical practice, continuous medical learning and teaching, and most importantly, they encourage investigation.

In order to promote and share scientific health care knowledge, in 1986 Hospital Vozandes Quito encouraged national and foreign authors to develop new medical evidence, under rigorous methodical standards.
In 1987, the first volume of the Vozandes Medical Journal (Rev Med Vozandes) published 4 articles. In the first editorial, Roberto Proaño MD said that “Positive results in life are the reflection of huge changes and challenges”. Therefore, a new medical journal was created with the goal to increase medical knowledge and promote further development of new medical evidence.
In the 14th volume in 2002, we achieved our International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) under the coordination of Antonio Naranjo MD.
This event became a cornerstone of our journal. Since our 19th volume, we were indexed in the LILAC/BIREME database, thanks to the editor in chief, Galo Nuñez de la Torre MD.
In both editorials, the authors emphasize the importance of prevention for the control of morbidity and mortality, and the creation of new public policy based on Ecuadorian social and demographic statistics. In our Journal you can find editorials, original articles, review articles and medical images.
In 2012, a major change in our journal took place. Volume 23 was indexed in the LATINDEX database (a regional online system for scientific journals all over Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal). It was indexed in IMBIOMED as well (Mexican Index of Latin America biomedical journals); the editor was Juan Carlos Maldonado MD.
We increased the frequency of publication from once a year to twice a year. The number of articles and different sections has increased as well. Additionally, one can find letters to the editor, ethical dilemmas, review articles and medical images.
Our journal publications follow the “International Committee of Medical Journal Editors” guidelines []

Our historic pathway has been featured with significant events. In 1991, Vozandes Hospital was recognized as a teaching hospital. In volume 15, Susana Rodriguez MD, discussed in her article, “The Stethoscope Disease”, the deep appreciation we hear from our patients. They feel we see them as persons with not just physical needs, but also psychological, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

We also have a Top 10 article section where you can find the most read articles in a specific time frame.

Our Editorial Board receives manuscripts all year long. The board, along with other physicians and international experts, carry out a primary and secondary review of the received articles.

Katherine Rosero MD

Santiago Rodriguez MD