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Vozandes Medical Magazine Regulations

The Vozandes Medical Magazine closely follows the recommendations of the “International Committee of Medical Journal Editors” ICMJE, for the “uniformity of manuscripts sent to biomedical journals,” whose version translated into Spanish can be freely downloaded from the UAB website.
Likewise, it follows the recommendations of the databases in which it is indexed (LILACS / BIREME, LATINDEX and IMBIOMED) and of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) based in Ecuador.

The journal has a plagiarism detection system, the author submitting his manuscript accepts that it can be examined to detect plagiarism with previously published works.

Editors and reviewers spend a lot of time reading their manuscripts, which is why we appreciate compliance with the regulations. The indications that follow provide general information and guidelines necessary for the preparation of the manuscripts before they are sent.

Flowchart Manuscript Registration And Submission Process

1. Authors
3. Submission
5. Review Process
Half 20 Days
7. Approved Manuscript
9. Publication
Prepare documentation for submission
2. User Creation
Submit Study Case Manuscript
4. Complies with Regulations
6. Secondary Review
8. Design Review

Registration of manuscripts

Once the submission process has been completed, and it has been received, the journal secretary will issue a registration number for the manuscript. This number will be used for all documentation review and archiving processes, as well as answering questions from the author(s). The registration number will be sent exclusively to the corresponding author.

Certification of receipt of manuscripts

Review process

The papers submitted which comply with the formal requirements indicated in this document, will be registered and submitted through an evaluation process, which includes a primary review by editors and a subsequent peer review.

Depending on the number of manuscripts that are being processed, the first evaluation phase may take approximately thirty days. If deemed relevant, the article (under anonymous authorship) will be sent to external judges for a second peer review, the result of which could take a similar time. The identity of the reviewers is completely confidential.
During the revision process, certain recommendations could be proposed, which implies that it is not possible to guarantee the definitive acceptance for publication of the manuscript received. Manuscripts that require corrections are considered within the regular evaluation process and should not be submitted to another journal until a final evaluation result is available. When a manuscript is accepted, the editors will begin the editing and layout process.

If a manuscript is not accepted, it can be submitted to other journals; until the official results of the review are available, the author(s) should not simultaneously submit the manuscript to other biomedical journals.  Manuscripts that require corrections are considered within the regular process and should not be submitted to another journal until the  final evaluation is available. If the editorial review requires a new version of the work, with substantial changes, the editors may request that the authors renew the declaration of responsibility for authorship to indicate their agreement with the version to be published.

The Vozandes Medical Journal reserves the right to accept the manuscripts and the moment of their publication. TheVozandes Medical Journal is not responsible for the statements made by the authors.