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Submission of Manuscripts For Publication in the Vozandes Medical Journal

Manuscripts can be submitted anytime, and must be sent to the magazine’s website:

The author must create a username and password which will allow them to access the submission and registration form, as well as review the editorial decisions of their manuscript.

Before submitting your manuscript we recommend that the author review the regulations of the journal, since manuscripts that do not comply will be sent back to the author without going through the peer review process.

The submission of your manuscript must be accompanied by the following:

Step 1
1. Cover Letter
Cover Letter requesting your consideration for possible publication and indicating that the manuscript has been approved by all authors and that it complies with the policies of the Vozandes Medical Journal.
  • A summary of the manuscript communicating the most important and most relevant findings and their contribution to biomedical technical-scientific knowledge.
  • Explicit declaration that it has not been sent simultaneously to another biomedical journal, nor that it has been previously published, except for articles with preliminary presentations.
  • The cover letter must be signed by the authors or by the corresponding author.
Step 1
Paso 2
2. Title Page
It must contain:
  • Title of the manuscript in Spanish and English.
  • Name (s) of the author (s).
  • Name of the department or institution to which the author(s) belong(s).
  • ORCID research identification code of each author.
  • Corresponding author: name and email address.
  • Contributions of each author.
  • Disclosure of conflict of interest.
  • Disclosure of Funding

The manuscript must be sent as an attachment, in a text format compatible with Microsoft Word for Windows without layout.
More details on the manuscript see Normative section.
Paso 2
Step 3
3. The disclosure of Conflict of Interest
Form can be downloaded automatically from the following URL /. The instructions to fill out the form correctly are available in the manual prepared by the Vozandes Medical Journal (See the section, Manuals). Please remember that there must be an individual form for each author.
Step 3
Step 4
4.- Para reporte de Casos
If the manuscript is for a case report, the author(s) must submit an Informed Consent signed by the patient(s) in which they accept that information and photographs of the person(s) to be published for the case report.
Step 4